Yes, it's great. I was on the beta the last couple months. I am close to migrating my stuff over. I have a couple pieces of infrastructure to set up

Really, enjoyed watching final table on Netflix and seeing great chefs from around the world

I pasted a link to the code below. I have a configuration file that specifies the GitHub projects to follow and i run the bot via cron


Kubernetes is a beast. Almost done getting a working mastodon version running on it

@andrew My open source bot is working. What other bits should I add or open source projects should I have it follow?

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Is there any way of idiomatically finding the sort order of a list, without sorting it?

So if I had
1 4 3 5
It'd return
0 2 1 3

Rather than sorting it into place?
#Rust #Python are the communities I usually ping for this sort of thing, but it's kinda language agnostic.

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Version v2.6.2 of mastodon was published on November 24th 2018! Check out the changes at the link below:


@jujubear @andrew

This year I found the below technique really good for staying organized and focused on goals throughout the year


I don't know why but I love these reviews

1945 Lifeboat & Liferaft Rations MRE Review USCG & Navy Survival Food Taste Testing


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I watched this too in theaters. Definitely kept my attention

Interesting ideas, but I disagree with the idea that we all need to understand the complex systems we are building to solve this issue. I don't believe it is feasible

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"Today, everybody uses open source code, including Fortune 500 companies, government, major software companies and startups. Sharing, rather than building proprietary code, turned out to be cheaper, easier, and more efficient. This increased demand puts additional strain on those who maintain this infrastructure, yet because these communities are not highly visible, the rest of the world has been slow to notice. Most of us take opening a software application for granted, the way we take turning on the lights for granted. We don’t think about the human capital necessary to make that happen."

-- Nadia Eghbal


If you really want to go down the rabbit hole of Linux distros try arch Linux. I haven't tried it myself, but I think it is very customizable.

But, it's probably more time efficient to pick one of the ones you mention above.

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